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An old mistake comes back to bite me

I discuss how I moved the goalposts during a trade. I changed what I was going to do by talking to somebody else and when it didn’t work I had no solution. I then allowed it to bleed into the rest of my week.

There is probably a better way to review your trades.

I talk about the struggles another trader is having and then we go into how he is reviewing his trades and how I am reviewing my trades and what we can learn about doing it better.

Dealing with the first loss after a nice run

This is a very important episode for me and it’s about coming off a nice run of trading and facing that first loss. This is something that will challenge you your entire career.

Ask a question:)

I talk about different ways you can ask me a question so I can do a podcast on it and everyone can benefit.

Blackberries and Trading. How to maintain the proper perspective.

I talk about maintaining the right perspective as you navigate through different environments and see different things happening around you. It’s very important to understand these cycles so you do not get caught up in them.

Reflections on my own development

This is another re-post of a discussion with another trader about how my trading has evolved.  

Being in a slump and trying new strategies

This is a recording I left to another trader pertaining to his recent drawdown and experimenting with new strategies.  

How to set yourself up to thrive in this environment.

I discuss some measures I’m taking to thrive in this environment. You must adapt to what’s in front of you.

How a market does and doesn’t bottom

I talk about the action today after the federal reserve announcement and how news, in a counter intuitive way, can play into market bottoms.

It’s busy so stay alive

I talk about strategies for staying in the game when the market is busy.