Trading groups I belong to

I discuss two different trading communities I have signed up for and what they offer.

Joining a trading community

I discuss my experience joining different groups and communities related to trading.

My shared story about reaching max potential.

I share a story about deliberate practice versus generalized practice. I talk about Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and young musicians from China and how you may be able to reach your potential faster.

Accepting where you are in a moment

I talk about growing and drawdowns in terms of what you can learn by tuning into what you’re feeling at the moment, which can save you from something to come.

How I am adding a new strategy to my trading.

I talk at length about the challenges and the approach I’m taking to adding new strategies to what I already know

How I’m leveling up

I talk about what I’m doing in order to go to a new level. I discuss my approach to learning new strategies around what I already know.

How to trade larger

I talk about how you can move your position size up and all of it has to do with assessing the risk and trust in yourself to enter where you are least vulnerable.

Get intimate with your winning trades

Last time I talked about probing deeper into the “why” behind your trading mistakes. This time I go into the value of focusing on the details around your best trades.

An old mistake comes back to bite me

I discuss how I moved the goalposts during a trade. I changed what I was going to do by talking to somebody else and when it didn’t work I had no solution. I then allowed it to bleed into the rest of my week.