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Love how Brad shares his experience

This is an incredible source of knowledge that could help you to avoid a lot of mistakes that a professional and very experienced trader as Brad went through.

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Great trading insights!

Fantastic resource for newer traders looking to develop a healthy mindset towards trading. Excellent podcast!

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Great show - thanks for sharing!

Brad’s podcast can open your eyes to the day to day “stuff” of a professional trader. There are valuable nuggets of practical insight and wisdom in each brief episode. What you will realise when listening to Brad’s podcasts is that there is a whole lot of BS advice in retail market “education”. Very worthy of your time if you are a budding or experienced trader.

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Great insight into a traders lifestyle

I’m a fellow trader and Brads Tradinglife podcast is phenomenal it’s very in depth about life as a trader the ups and downs and everything in between. The best thing about it is if you reach out to him and ask him trading questions he’ll gear his next podcast about the questions you asked. In the short time of knowing about him I’ve learned a lot of information that had really helped my trading career.